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Why go with Jung Family Painting instead of another company?
Jung Family Painting And Decorating is an award-winning company. We have been voted small business of the year and the best painting company in the western suburbs! Plus we have 17+ years of experience in this market. Our crew leaders and crews bring dozens of years of experience with Jung Family Painting and Decorating. We always guarantee our work!
Are you a local business?
Our office is in Naperville, and I live in Naperville. We are active members of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce since 2004 and contribute to a number of area not for profits.
What paints do you use?
We use only quality paints and stains from the Benjamin Moore Company and other quality suppliers.
Do you help your customers pick out colors?
Yes. If you need design or color help we provide access to the best decorators in the area! We will provide you with a free hour of color consultation. A design consultation can take place if no color consultation is needed. We will put samples on the wall before we start the job. This gives you time to view the color. In the end, you will get exactly the right colors for your situation.
Do you work the job personally? Can I trust the people working in my house?
I work on many jobs and insure that each job is completed to our and your standards. Normally I inspect every single job during and or after completion. In addition, I work only with first-class and highly experienced crews. Our employees are always screened and held to the highest standards. Unlike some contractors we are bonded, carry workers compensation and liability insurance to protect you!
Will you protect my floors, furniture, etc? Will you clean up when the project is finished?
Of course! We protect all flooring by completely covering it with Rosin paper. Your furniture will be completely covered with new plastic — no used plastic, because dried paint and other dirt on used plastic can scratch furniture. We tape the top edge of the baseboards when we roll out the walls. We tape the carpet along the edges of the baseboards when we paint the baseboards.

Every night before we leave, we vacuum the areas, organize the tools, and cover the work area with a drop cloth. We remove all hardware before the project starts if possible, and we cover all fixtures and remove all vent covers and outlet covers.

Is it safe to sleep in the house/room tonight?
Normally it is safe to be in the house although we prefer that you wait to you use the newly painted rooms until they are completely dry. Weather permitting, we recommend open windows and fans to air out the areas. If you have health-related concerns please let us know and then we can use low-odor paint, like the paint used in hospitals.
Do you have workers compensation and liability insurance?
We have liability insurance and full workers compensation coverage, plus, of course, we are bonded.

You’re safe with us!

Do you offer a warranty?
We offer a four-year warranty on our exterior work, and we stand behind our promise! We also guarantee our interior work. If there are any issues in the first 90 days we will return to make them right.
Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we accept Visa and Master Card.
What if I have a problem after the job is over?
I’m here to help! We always want to do the job right the first time. But there will always be the occasional home that peels or blisters within the four-year warranty. Just call our office and I will personally walk the job with you and we will correct any problems ASAP!